Literary confessions

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I rarely buy my books new

I’m afraid of reading a book that hasn’t been recommended to me by a trustworthy source

I don’t like Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

Almost half of my reads are in audio form

I hated the book Jurassic Park but the movie is one of my all time favorites

I dread fines so inordinately that I usually try to finish library books within one week instead of the required three

I first read Where the Wild Things Are this year

I’ve never been able to get through any of the many Thomas Hardy books I’ve started

I used to check out 25 or 30 library books at a time as a child

I used to use white-out paint in my books for words or scenes I didn’t like

I have thrown away books that I hated too much to donate

The majority of my books are by British authors

I’ve only had a TBR (to be read) list for the past 6 months

I rarely cry when reading

I read in the bath

I read on the beach

I don’t take books with me in my purse when I go into town

I’ve never read The Silmarillion

I just finished reading my very first graphic novel and loved it

I have hardly read any American authors

I’ve read 90% of the books I own

I don’t use Goodreads

I overflowed the sink this spring because I was so engrossed in a book

I’ve read Pride and Prejudice many many times but always in audio form, never as a hard copy

6 thoughts on “Literary confessions

  1. Great idea! I know these are your personal confessions, but I thought it’d be fun (and informative?) to do a spin off:

    Lately for me it’s been about 50/50 old and new books, basically wherever I can get them, but I still try to hunt around and price everything. Since I’ve been tutoring some older children I had to start getting some of the titles — especially out of print (and some in print stuff!) at whatever price they’re at at the moment rather than hunting for a few years, which was my initial plan. πŸ˜‰

    I tolerate Little Women, but love Rose in Bloom (minus some of the philosophy :/ — that’s where Alcott’s started bugging me of late)

    I listened a bit growing up/mostly hard copies, but now being a mama/juggling house stuff and per Sarah Mackenzie, I’m delving more into audio books

    I’ve never seen or read Jurassic Park (it IS a book? didn’t know that…)

    So far our library selection has been pretty abysmal, so I’m focusing on building our own, but I have been known to accumulate some fines back in the day

    Ooh! Fun family story — Where the Wild Things Are is one of my dad’s favorites and when he and my mom were dating they found it in a bookstore and he read the entire thing to her standing in the aisle. So yeah, we always had that one around. XD

    Far from the Madding Crowd was one of the first Great Classic Book Category books I ever read (I felt so grown up!) and I’m still rather fond of it for that reason + I read it for a book study and learned a lot there, but I haven’t been able to read any of his others. They always look so depressing just off the summary and there’s so much other stuff to get to.

    Yup, growing up I’d have Massive Library Stacks — checking the library site and managing renewals etc. was a big weekly task XD

    Nope, I don’t think I ever whited stuff out (ha! but I did add modesty swim trunks to a Henry Reed illustration and most recently on a whole bunch of Greek Olympic champions in one of our history books — just cause, y’know, in this case it was a lift-the-flap thing and the children were really into it ;))

    Have also thrown away (or rather, burned *gasp*) certain objectionable books

    Likewise on British authors

    For some reason I don’t much like using the TBR term (which is kind of ridiculous, so I guess I should succumb), but I feel like I’ve generally (pretty much?) always had a substantial stack

    I don’t often cry over books either, I think it’s happened like twice in all my life? (looking pointedly at Crime & Punishment)

    I don’t read in the bath or on the beach — too freaked about water and wind and sand. (My dad did once unknowingly carry my copy of Les Mis all the way up a mountainside & I pulled it out at the top — funny moment there — to read by the lake we were hiking to, so there is that.)

    And yes, I don’t take books out with me — too busy keeping track of the Small Person

    I’ve never read The Silmarillion (so relieved you haven’t either and we can still be proper Tolkien enthusiasts! I want to get to it, just hasn’t happened yet…)

    Still don’t think I’ve read a graphic novel — just haven’t been bit by the bug

    Don’t think I’ve read too many American authors either (unless we’re counting YA historical fiction, then I’ve read lots)

    I’d say I’ve read 90% of the stuff I have (definitely everything I had before we got married, not counting what DH had or what all I’ve added since, so I guess that might bump it down quite a bit?)

    I don’t use Goodreads either — no particular reason, it just seems like a big dangerous time sucking rabbit hole in my particular case?

    Haha, don’t think I’ve done that. (Or maybe it’s just that I left the dirty dishes sitting there?? :P)

    The first time I read P&P was on audio (as in audio TAPE) while riding over to visit the cousins one summer. (Not so fun fact: only one side of my headphones worked, which only seemed like a minor inconvenience at the time, but then I had a horrible horrible earache which healed but looking back I think was actually serious as that ear’s never been quite the same since – it’s always susceptible to cold/I’ll get earache pain there pretty quickly. … Sorry if that was TMI, but it’s all done in the spirit of building friendship. :P) Anyhow, that whole incident is now irrevocably melded with my first memories of P&P (though it didn’t affect my love for Austen). I’ve rather lost track of how many times I’ve delved into the book since. (Also and speaking of which, do you love P&P? I do, but realized I don’t think we’ve ever properly discussed it. XD)

    Whew, apologies for the frightfully long comment (I hope WordPress’ll let me post it), but this was lots of fun! Sending hugs… ❀

    • Ok I loved this!! πŸ˜„. Because I’ve got little people of my own to keep up with I will keep this extremely short and just answer the P&P one – yes I love it! I think sense and sensibility is my favorite austen book with p&p in close second. I don’t know how we’ve never discussed this πŸ˜‚

    • I’m so flattered! I read your post and then went down the rabbit trail of reading random posts on your blog. I think we would get along in real life! Reading, knitting, The Minimalists…we have a good bit in common. πŸ™‚

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